Frequently Asked Questions

About The Soap

What is cold process soap?

In bar soap, it’s a process where you mix base oils like olive oil, coconut oil and palm oil with sodium hydroxide (Lye) to help the mixture undergo a process called “saponification.” Lye originally came from hardwood ash mixed with water, but today, it’s commercially manufactured since the hardwood ash process is long and tedious.

What sets your soap apart from other small batch manufacturers?

Most small batch manufacturers generally use more inexpensive oils. In each of our soaps you’re getting luxury oils and butters, such as cocoa butter, shea butter and sweet almond oil. After much experimentation, we found that our recipe produces a soap that both cleanses and helps your skin feel smooth.Secondly, if you look closely, most other small batch manufacturers appeal to the sins of the world, whether it be promoting pagan themes, one world religion or sexual sin. Instead, we appeal to the beautiful and the true. We aspire for a customer base who wants the same. Our soap is also 7oz, which is huge! Most artisan soap bars are 3.5oz to 5.5oz.

Why not buy Dr. Bronner’s cold process soap?

They make quality soap, however, they promote “unity” across all religions and climate change propaganda, which is why Hollywood celebrities promote their product. This type of rhetoric is rife in the soap world, which is one of many things that inspired us to enter the market.

Why does cold process soap cost more money?

In short, it’s because real soap undergoes a saponification process. Many consumers are happy to spend money on actual soap because it cleans and is not harsh unlike what you may find in the supermarket.

Does your soap moisturize?

Our soap base contains oils that will clean and are high in conditioning and moisturizing. That being said, a common misconception is knowing the purpose of soap. Soap is meant to cleanse, and lotion is meant to moisturize. We believe we have struck a good balance in having both at play when you use our soap. Many of our customers share how much they love that our soap doesn’t leave them feeling dry with cracked skin.


Do you use the soap you make?


Do your children use the soap you make?

Yes, however, we don’t recommend it for children since it will hurt their eyes if they touch the soap then rub their eyes. Our soap is not tear free.

Do you use sustainable palm oil?

Yes, but we question how much propaganda is embedded the “palm oil bad” hysteria that has swept the artisan soap world. Palm oil is amazing. It’s inexpensive and effective. Generally speaking, if radical environmentalists are pushing a narrative, we consider the opposite to be true. 

How do you ship your soap?

Generally, your package will ship by USPS priority mail in a box within an envelope. The box is white, and we’ll wrap your soap neatly in tissue paper. This makes for a nice gift upon opening. 

About The Company

Are you a Christian company?

My husband and I are Bible believing Christians, and we won’t waver on those principles, even if we’re forced to shut down at a later date. Technically the answer is no, since we don’t wish to “market Jesus,” rather, we sell a product that promotes the virtues of His creation, drawing distinctions between the man, the woman and selling a product that’s beautiful. 

What is your refund policy?

We don’t offer refunds on soap. We inspect each soap individually for quality and create labels by hand. If there is an extraordinary circumstance, we’ll review on a case-by-case basis.

Why do you have two websites? is the women’s site. is the men’s site (coming soon). However, we offer the both men’s and women’s soaps on each site. We do this because in an age of confusion, we want to market our product with a clear distinction between men and women. We can achieve that through different websites, labeling and colors & scents. Besides that, the soaps generally are about the same size and use the same base oils. 

Will you offer other products?

I have thought long and hard about this, and for the time being, the plan is to continue making only artisan soap. I have received several requests to make a variety of products, but the lift is pretty demanding once you factor the resources and time needed. 



How do I avoid shipping costs if I live in Bonners Ferry, ID?

If you live locally in Bonners Ferry, ID, use the code bflocal during checkout to avoid shipping. You pick up your soap from the tennis courts at the Boundary County Fairgrounds. The current pick up schedule is: 

  • Mondays: 9am - 12pm and 3pm - 8pm
  • Wednesdays: 4pm - 6pm
  • Fridays: 9am - 12pm

Are you taking any COVID precautions?

No, we are not.